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Dredging Hose

Dredging Hoses and Floating Hoses are provided with high reliability, safety and long-lasting. The hoses are for international dredging and floating industry. Floating Hoses as a newly updated product in the area of hose is really popularity because of the Dredging Hoses string system is very complicated due to the effect of multidimensional force-field. Dredge Hoses performs hard under very difficult conditions including heat and cold, and the dredging hose constructed to with stand the sharp constitutions. Contact us for more information about hoses such as Dredge Hoses and Floating Hoses, ect.. Contact Us for more information.

  • Suction Hose

    Features: 1. Suction dredging hoses are available with inner diameters from 415mm up to 900mm. 2....

  • Floating Hose

    1. Outer cover with excellent abrasion resistance and UV protection. 2. Colored indicator layer. 3....

  • Tapered Floating Hose

    The steel flange suction hose is used with dredger for Silt/gravels Conveyance and so on...

  • Armored Hose AH-1

    Features: 1. Using the super abrasion-resistant 30CrMnSi as the working surface; 2. Dictionary...

  • Armored Hose AH-2

    Features: 1. Armored hose is used in dredging project and assorted with the pipe line. 2. It is...

  • Slope-adapted Hose

    Features: 1. Inner rubber of high quality and excellent abrasion-resistance. 2. Favorable bending...

  • Project Hose

    Features: 1. Project hose is used in dredging and transporting oil ship, which have high requirement in the project environment and application.

  • Pipe Float

    Features: 1. Light weight, easy installation, secure nut bolts system and tightening belts. 2....

  • Discharge Hose

    Features: 1. The steel flange discharge hose is used with dredgers for silt / gravel conveyance. 2....