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Ceramic Floating Dredge Hose

1. Outer liner with excellent aging resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. Better abrasion resistant makes hose a longer working life
3. Multi-colored indicator layer inside of wear layer
4. PE foam flotation can have lower water absorption.
5. The hose emergence above water is not less than 10% of the total volume.
(According to the customers’ request)
6. Bending angle under working condition is from 0-90 degree.
7. Good flexibility and excellent impact resistance with low center of gravity, small impact and the proportion, reasonable structure design, it is particularly suitable for the installation in the sea.
8. Non-standard hoses can be customized

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Ceramic self-floating hoses are suitable for the harshest sea or mining conditions. Wear layer has ceramic pieces. Ceramic self-floating hoses have better wear resistance. PE foam body can be adjusted to the buoyance of dredging hose with filled dredged material. It’s available inner diameters up to 1100mm, various lengths and pressure ranges. It is almost used in all the major reclamation projects.

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